Kick-Off Your Labor Day Right with Chocolate

Chocolate Football Strawberries

Chocolate Football Strawberries

Happy Labor Day from Team Winter Park! Contrary to popular belief, we are open today, and as happy to be at work as ever. (I, myself, we be there at 2, so I understand if you wait ’til I get there to come in.) Today is a day to relax, go to the Bar-B-Que, and play some football with family.

football popcornSpeaking of football, it’s that time of the year again. Stands are filling up, tailgaters are getting ready, and Moms everywhere are scaring their children while screaming loudly about touchdowns. (Or is that only my Mom?) Regardless of how you watch football, we’re here to help it be memorable. From life-size chocolate footballs, complete with logos or popcorn, to chocolate football strawberries, we can make just about anything Game Day ready.

A big thank you to Fox 35 and Emily Ellyn, the Retro Rad Chef, for showing off our amazing footballs this morning on Good Day Orlando! We always look forward to working with you. (Those drinks looked great, too, save me one!) Check it out:FOX 35 News Orlando


Peterbrooke Offers Internship Opportunities

Daniel and Tess, one of our current interns.

Daniel and Tess, one of our current interns.

Nowadays, most college degrees require hands-on job experience before students graduate, such as an internship. The culinary field is no exception to this. Le Cordon Bleu, Valencia, and other schools in the Central Florida area all have culinary degrees that require an internship. Well, Peterbrooke Winter Park is here to help.

Over the past few years, Team Winter Park has helped train quite a few interns, giving them the hours they need to complete their degree. Many of them have gone on to aspiring careers, and a few of them have even joined our team.

Just ask Chef Daniel, he used to be an intern from Le Cordon Bleu. He graduated, got his degree, and decided that our Peterbrooke Family was worth being a part of. And boy, aren’t we glad he did.

If you or someone you know needs an internship or an externship, give us a call, send us an email, or come in the store to talk with one of our Owners. We’re happy to explore new and exciting opportunities with you and help guide you into a future career. The sooner you let us know you’d like an internship, the better, as space can fill up fast. Come see what being a part of our team is all about!

From Proposal to Honeymoon: Have Your Wedding with Peterbrooke!

There’s nothing better than when two people love each other so much that they decide to get married, except when those two lovebirds have chocolate. Spruce up your special day with a treat that’s just as sweet as your love. From wedding favors to centerpieces to Strawberry Trees, Peterbrooke has something for you. Let us make your wedding even more memorable.  Whether you need a unique way to ask your best friend to be your Maid of Honor or want a small treat for each of your guests, we’ll work with you to fit your every need.

Below are some common wedding favors and ideas, but don’t think that you’re limited by these suggestions. Bring something in to dip, have us write on something, or even get an edible image. The sky is the limit, and you’re only bound by your imagination.

Want some ideas? Come on in and check out our newly designed wedding section and talk to one of our knowledgeable Chocolatiers. Team Winter Park is dedicated to making the best memories of your life even better, from Proposal to Honeymoon. What can we make for you?

Peterbrooke Secrets: Lost-and-Found

lost and found

Check out our crew having a bit of fun with Lost-and-Found

What does chocolate, sunglasses, purses, wallets, baby toys, keys, and even cell phones have in common? If you’ve guessed the famous Peterbrooke Lost-and-Found, you’d be right (and I’d be surprised). Yes we have one, yes it is real, and yes it is full. Believe it or not, guests sometimes are so excited they leave with their chocolate in hand, but without what they came in with.

No matter what it is, Team Winter Park tries its hardest to return the items to its rightful owner. Whether that means running down the street to catch you or answering the lost phone when it rings, or simply holding the item til you return, we’re dedicated. After all, we want you to remember us as more than the place you lost your wallet.


We’re flattered for the gifts, however, and we can’t help but have some fun every once in a while. Check out some of our team trying on a few Disney Princess sashes left by a guest recently.

If you think you may have lost something on the Avenue or in our store, don’t hesitate to give us a call. After all, what are neighbors for.

Chocolate Camp isn’t Over Yet

camp day 1Summer is coming to a close, and as students return to school, that means campers have to go home. That also means that Chocolate Camp will soon be over for the year. Don’t worry, though, there’s still 3 days of camp left! This Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, join our team of chocolatiers and become a chocolatier for a day. For more info, click here or give us a call.

camp1Miss your opportunity to be a camper? Never fear! You can still be a chocolatier any day you want, year round, with one of our Chocolate Parties. Perfect for any group, this is an experience you (and your taste buds) won’t soon forget.

We had a blast this summer. Keep on the look out on Facebook for more photos and info, and make sure to enjoy your chocolate goodies. If you eat them all at once, though, just remember camp will be back before you know it.

Education and Chocolate: The Perfect Study Group

specialtyappleIt’s back to school time! You all know what that means: bartering chocolate for better grades. Oh, I mean studying hard and treating your teachers to chocolate delights because they are that wonderful. Want that professor to remember your name? Chocolate. Want to make a good impression on the first day? Chocolate. Need to apologize in advance to a Pre-K teacher for your child’s chaos? Even more chocolate. Regardless of your reasons for giving your teachers chocolate, just know they deserve it. After all, taking care of your children (or you) all day isn’t an easy task.

Whether you’re giving chocolate to teachers or throwing a special something in someone’s lunchbox to get them through the day, we’ve got you covered. Chocolate rulers, caramel apples, baskets, and lollipops are all great ways to say thank you. (And good luck.) Come check it out yourself! What can we make for you, your teacher, or loved one?

To everyone starting school soon, we say good luck! As a thank you to all our teachers, just let us know where you teach and you get a 10% discount, anytime of the year. Just a little appreciation to all individuals brave and/or crazy enough to educate and lead us into the next generation.

Promises are Forever, Sales Aren’t!

promiseIf you haven’t taken advantage of our Peterbrooke Promise deals yet, today is the last day to do so! Not only do you get 15% off select items, Peterbrooke is also donating 15% to the 306 Foundation, an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking and helping at-risk women and children around the world. Saving money on your favorite items and helping a great cause? What could be better!

We’re open until 10:00 PM tonight, so hurry! Promises last forever, but unfortunately the savings do not. Come get a great deal on items like 6oz Popcorn and 6 piece Grahams and Oreos! From Pretzels to Pizzas, the savings are incredible. Don’t forget that local college students, teachers, and military all get 10% off on everything else. While you’re there, make sure to check out our new gelato machine, it’s huge! We can’t wait to see you, help save you some money, and make your evening a delicious one.

It’s just part of our promise to make the summer (and the world) a little sweeter.

The New Gelato Machine is Here!

Now we have room for all our gelato flavors!

Now we have room for all our gelato flavors!

With Peterbrooke Promise full underway, a new gelato machine, and remodeling going on, we’re quite busy here at Peterbrooke! Come check out our store, save some money, and help out a great cause. What could be better?

Please pardon our dust over the next few days, as we are re-arranging most everything in the store. (Not to mention we had to bring the gelato machine through the front window.) Thank you for your patience and understanding. Rest assured that our store may look different, but tastes the same.

Don’t forget that we still have Summer Camp going on through August 14th. Campers of all ages have been having a blast. Let the fun continue!

National Milk Chocolate Day with a Peterbrooke Promise

It's National Milk Chocolate Day! Our first 100 guests get a free chocolate bar. This is how much we love chocolate.

It’s National Milk Chocolate Day! Our first 100 guests get a free chocolate bar. This is how much we love chocolate.

It’s National Milk Chocolate Day! Hooray! To celebrate this spacious moment in history, Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park is giving away 100 milk chocolate bars to the first 100 guests who walk in our doors today. We open at 10 AM, so you better hurry! These go fast.

Also, starting this week and continuing through August 3rd, Peterbrooke is making a very special promise. Partnering with the 306 Foundation, Team Winter Park is giving all our guests 15% off to guests and donating an additional 15% on these items:

  • 6 oz. Chocolate Covered Popcorn
  • 6 pc. Chocolate Covered Oreos
  • 6 pc. Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers
  • 2 pc. Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods
  • Special “Peterbrooke Promise” Greeting Cards and Business Cards
  • Signature Chocolate Pizzas

We’re making a promise to better our community, encourage sustainability, and influence global responsibility. Together with the 306 Foundation and Jane’s Short and Sweet, we are taking a stand to end human trafficking and truly make our community and world a better place. Just our way of making the world a little sweeter.
FOX 35 News Orlando

Something Old, Something New, Something Blue


Dome foils are back, along with more gelato flavors, new displays, and more!

Walking into Peterbrooke on Park Avenue is starting to feel a little different. With new displays, new tables, and Chocolate Camp going on every week, guests will have a little exploring to do. And if you come in the shop in the next few days, your neighborhood chocolatier is getting an even bigger make-over. With a new gelato machine coming in Monday, we’re re-arranging everything.

We even have a new gelato flavor, Blueberry Creme. (Like how I worked that into the title there?) What’s not to love?

Just don’t be surprised if your eyes have to adjust as much as your nose does when you walk in the door. One sense that’s not changing? The delicious taste of literally everything in the store. Don’t believe me? Only one way to find out….