National Milk Chocolate Day with a Peterbrooke Promise

It's National Milk Chocolate Day! Our first 100 guests get a free chocolate bar. This is how much we love chocolate.

It’s National Milk Chocolate Day! Our first 100 guests get a free chocolate bar. This is how much we love chocolate.

It’s National Milk Chocolate Day! Hooray! To celebrate this spacious moment in history, Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park is giving away 100 milk chocolate bars to the first 100 guests who walk in our doors today. We open at 10 AM, so you better hurry! These go fast.

Also, starting this week and continuing through August 3rd, Peterbrooke is making a very special promise. Partnering with the 306 Foundation, Team Winter Park is giving all our guests 15% off to guests and donating an additional 15% on these items:

  • 6 oz. Chocolate Covered Popcorn
  • 6 pc. Chocolate Covered Oreos
  • 6 pc. Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers
  • 2 pc. Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods
  • Special “Peterbrooke Promise” Greeting Cards and Business Cards
  • Signature Chocolate Pizzas

We’re making a promise to better our community, encourage sustainability, and influence global responsibility. Together with the 306 Foundation and Jane’s Short and Sweet, we are taking a stand to end human trafficking and truly make our community and world a better place. Just our way of making the world a little sweeter.
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Something Old, Something New, Something Blue


Dome foils are back, along with more gelato flavors, new displays, and more!

Walking into Peterbrooke on Park Avenue is starting to feel a little different. With new displays, new tables, and Chocolate Camp going on every week, guests will have a little exploring to do. And if you come in the shop in the next few days, your neighborhood chocolatier is getting an even bigger make-over. With a new gelato machine coming in Monday, we’re re-arranging everything.

We even have a new gelato flavor, Blueberry Creme. (Like how I worked that into the title there?) What’s not to love?

Just don’t be surprised if your eyes have to adjust as much as your nose does when you walk in the door. One sense that’s not changing? The delicious taste of literally everything in the store. Don’t believe me? Only one way to find out….

Study Shows Dark Chocolate can Help PAD Patients

coffee2We’ve known for a long time that chocolate is good for your cardiovascular system, but we’re still finding out just how awesome it really is. In a very recent study, dark chocolate was given to patients with Peripheral Artery Disease, or PAD. Patients with PAD experience pain and cramping in their lower extremities, especially when walking. The study gave patients milk chocolate and dark chocolate and put them on a treadmill to walk.

Surprisingly, the patients who ate dark chocolate walked farther. 11% farther to be precise. And while that doesn’t add up to much, it’s more than the researchers expected. Why?

The darker chocolate is, the more polyphenols it contains, an important antioxidant that encourages the body to produce more nitric oxide. This in turn dilates blood vessels and allows blood to flow more freely. Crazy awesome right?

Now this isn’t to say that dark chocolate is a health food or medicine, but chocolate does keep looking better and better. Doubtless chocolate will help lead the way in antioxidant research in the near future.

Ride the SunRail, Save on Chocolate

sunrail2Since it’s debut in May, the SunRail has been transporting hundreds of people a day all across the Orlando area. With multiple stops spanning three counties, it’s no wonder why this ground-breaking commuter train is preferable to the incessant traffic of the interstate.

Show us your ticket and get $3.00 off your $20.00 purchase!

Show us your ticket and get $3.00 off your $20.00 purchase!

But people are not only taking the train to work, they’re riding it all over, especially to Park Avenue. Over the past few weeks, our Team has greeted new guests from all over who are taking the SunRail simply to explore. It’s the perfect way to travel in style, cheaply and efficiently, and not have to worry about parking or walking too far.

Well here at Peterbrooke, we encourage exploration, especially if your expedition leads you to new chocolate experiences. In fact, bring in your SunRail pass and we’ll take $3.00 off your $20.00 purchase. (That’s the price of a one-way ticket, across two counties!) Saving money, taking a great new trip on a train, and getting chocolate? What could be better?

Come on down, we can’t wait to see you. Make sure you grab some refreshing gelato while you’re here!

Peacocks: More than a Project


Peterbrooke is donating $1.00 for every Peacock bought!

projectIf there’s one story out there that touches my heart, it’s this one. If you’ve been around Winter Park (or the internet) lately, you may have heard of “The Peacock Project.” When they said it takes a village to raise a child, I think they got it backwards. John Michael Thomas, a 15 year old high school student and a Boy Scout, has come up with the most wonderful Eagle Scout project to honor his friend’s memory, all the while making the city more beautiful.

“I was inspired by my 13 year old classmate who passed away from an inoperable brain tumor New Years Eve, December 31, 2012. Elizabeth loved playing in Central Park, loved gardening and roses, and loved peacocks.” The Peacock Project is set out to beautify the rose garden even further with a (admittedly gorgeous) life-size Peacock Fountain. This will honor not only Elizabeth Buckley, but show that her spirit and passion still affect the community.

The project has a goal of raising $50,000 to buy the statue and place it. To help, Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park is selling Chocolate Peacock Lollipops. Only $3.00, Team Winter Park will donate a dollar for each one sold. With great chocolate and an even greater cause, everyone wins!

To donate directly to the Peacock Project and for more info, check out their Facebook page.

Chocolate (and Freedom) are Universal

IMG_5641While celebrating the 4th of July may be an American tradition, celebrating freedom is not. Whether you’re celebrating a national holiday this weekend or a winning goal in the world cup, the important aspect is that we are free to do so. Being happy isn’t just a right, it’s part of the human condition. We need it, thrive on it, embrace it.

Chocolate, like many of us, has a long history in America. For many people, Chocolate makes them happy. For others, it makes them extremely happy. While this emotional euphoria doubtless comes from your taste buds, it also comes from a natural chemical in chocolate called theobromine; this chemical helps release pent-up endorphins in your system, which make you feel better, relieve stress, and make your feel happy. No wonder chocolate is so good.

485503_10151633096776248_1749308960_nSo while you’re out at the family bar-b-que this weekend, watching fireworks, or gathered around the television, just know that the only thing could make that experience even better is chocolate. (Good thing we have party platters and pizzas to share!) Just a thought for you to drool over this weekend.

To everyone everywhere, Peterbrooke and Team Winter Park wish you a happy Holiday weekend. May the fireworks and joy you receive be the brightest and the best.

Red, White, and Blue: 3 Colors that are More than a Flag

295104_10150996353346248_1462778214_nThey’re also delicious.

That’s right, celebrate 4th of July in style with red, white, and, of course, blue chocolate from your favorite neighborhood chocolatier. Molds, apples, cones, pizzas, you name it. Want a special champagne bottle drizzled in the colors of Freedom? You got it. Pick something of ours or bring your own treats in, it doesn’t matter. You’re free to do what you like, and isn’t that the point?

Now, red white and blue isn’t just an American tradition. In fact, 21 countries have a flag made up of red, white, and blue, including the United Kingdom, France, and Chile. But it just isn’t the same. When I see those stars and stripes, I know I’m home, I know I’m free. And I know that I’m in one of the best countries in the world today.

And I want to celebrate that the best way I know how this year: watching fireworks with a big bag of red, white, and blue chocolate covered pretzels.

What do you think would look great in red, white, and blue?

Beat the Heat with Peterbrooke

1920052_10152252318476248_560321565_nIt is full-blown Summer here in sunny Central Florida, and the heat keeps rising. With a high of 100° today, you know it’s going to feel like 120°. And although pools, water parks, and trips to the mall with the barely running AC may help, it’s sometimes just not enough to cool down.

Thankfully, Peterbrooke’s got you covered. We’ve been going through gelato like crazy the past few days. Stop by and try some of our brand new Lemon flavor! (It’s already one of my favorites.) Just like nice, cool lemonade, this gelato pairs well with just about anything and is sure to keep you refreshed.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated, either. We have a fridge full of ice-cold drinks to quench your thirst, from water to Coke. Grab a Cheerwine, or maybe a nice Fanta, and sit outside and relax. Made with real cane sugar, these special bottles are a real treat to anyone.

We know how hot it is on the Avenue, and in Florida in general, so come on by and pop your head in the door. Take a whiff, cool down, get some Chocolate Popcorn samples. Trust us, we don’t mind sharing the cool air.

Summertime is Party Time

Summer time is party time, and at Peterbrooke that is exactly what we are doing. With school out of the way and vacation time piling up, there is no reason not to have that chocolate party you’ve always wanted. Birthday parties are a great reason to throw them, but so are “I want to” and “just because.” Have a party whenever you want with whoever you want.

Check out these photos from tonight’s party!

Want the party experience but the summer feel? Don’t forget we have Summer Camp running through August 14th every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Sign up now, we can’t wait to party with you!

Let’s Have a Ball: Celebrate FIFA with Peterbrooke!

soccer1One of the only events that unites the entire world is sports. Generally everyone tends to think about the Olympics at this point, but recently the World Cup has been taking the planet by storm. Soccer is one of the most universal sports. Thirty-two countries compete for the ultimate honor of being the best team in the world. It’s literally the equivalent of spreading out the Super Bowl over a whole month. (Except, the other kind of football.)

And what goes better with Soccer than a party to celebrate your favorite team? To help, Peterbrooke has loads of World Cup-themed molds and lollipops to spice up any event or celebration, no matter who you cheer for. Check out! Don’t forget, we can customize anything you like. Want a chocolate pizza with an edible image flag of your favorite team? Some soccer balls with different colors? Or maybe even your name on the world cup? You got it!

With England, Colombia, and lots more countries playing tomorrow, everyone’s excited. Who is your favorite? Let us know!world-cup-2014